Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rewind to the Beginning

I am entering my 11th week with Baby Fig! Let me begin by saying, this little bundle of joy is a complete, but happy, surprise. Poppa Fig and I have been talking about expanding our little family. We had our first addition in November with Brooklyn, our Labradoodle. I went to the OB/GYN to talk to him about our options. My cycle wasn't the most regular (I missed from November-March), he gave me some pills to jumpstart it and when we were ready to start trying (we were hoping for July/August), we will look at what our options were. forward 1 month later, and I am with child! Go figure! LOL!  

My first reaction, was that the EPT lied! Then after my 4th test, I realized it wasn't a lie. How could the little stick lie FOUR times! Poppa Fig was smiling from ear to ear with test #1! I made the doctor's appointment for May. We were so excited that we decided to tell family and very close friends right away. It probably wasn't the smartest move (I was 4 weeks at that point), but it was Easter and we had the whole family we couldn't keep it in. And not to mention, my mother started to look at me suspiciously the week before. (By the way, when I told her, she called me a liar because the week before she asked me if I was pregnant and I told her "No." Which was an honest answer).

Anyway, the last 5 weeks, have been interesting. You read things and people tell you their experiences, but nothing prepares you for what your body goes through. Between the cravings, the emotional hormone mess, and the fact that I have to live at home with Baby Fig, the next 29 weeks and after will be extremely interesting! 

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